AllStar Link - Node 48166

The WM4B AllStar Link is hosted on Node 48166. It consists of a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and a Masters Communications RS-42 interface. A Motorola Maxtrac provides the RF link between the node and the WM4B 146.670 repeater. The node is available full-time for use by the amateur radio community.

To check on the node status, click HERE and select the link to Node # 48166.

NOTE: Microsoft Internet Explorer is not compatible with the above link. Please use another browser.

If you wish to use the repeater for a special event, please email the Repeater Manager in advance.

This will help prevent conflicts between events or with scheduled maintenance outages.

DTMF Functions Available to All Users

Disconnect Link: *1[node]
Connect Link in Monitor Mode: *2[node]
Connect link in Transceive Mode: *3[node]
Local Connection Status *70

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