AllStarLink - Node 48166

WM4B AllStarLink is hosted on Node 48166. It consists of a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ running HamVoip and a Masters Communications RA-42 interface. A Motorola Maxtrac provides the RF link between the node and the WM4B 146.670 repeater. The node is available full-time for use by the amateur radio community.

The node is currently undergoing BETA testing. Audio levels have not been optimized and the node may be unavailable at times. I encourage users to utilize AllStarLink functionality via iaxRPT, Zoiper, and Echolink and provide me with feedback via email.

To check on the node status, click HERE and select the link to Node # 48166 or lsnodes.

NOTE: Microsoft Internet Explorer is not compatible with the above link. Please use another browser.

The AllStarLink network may be accessed from your Android device or iPhone using iaRpt (Android) or Zioper (Zoiper. Download the appropriate app for free from your favorite app store. Click HERE for setup and operation instructions.

If you wish to use the repeater for a special event, please email the Repeater Manager in advance.

This will help prevent conflicts between events or with scheduled maintenance outages.

DTMF Functions Available to All Users

Disconnect Link: *1[node]
Connect Link in Monitor Mode: *2[node]
Connect link in Transceive Mode: *3[node]
Local Connection Status *70
One-Time Parrot (Signal Check) *A9

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